Unboxing and Reviewing a $3000 iMac Computer

27″ iMac 3.7 gHz 6-core:
128G Memory upgrade:
Magic Trackpad 2:
My Apple Watch:

The 3 Reasons I Bought the iMac
1. Knowing what product I was getting: It was really easy to know exactly what I was getting. Apple does a great job of giving you a no bad surprises product. It’s always undersold and over delivered, and you don’t really need to learn anything new. If you’ve had apple, you can dive right in full-speed.

2. Apple makes Accessibility Easy: All of my devices connect! Also, with Apple’s migration tool it only took 10 minutes to set up my new iMac, without downloading a single app! All of my settings, apps and files were immediately imported and set up.

3. The Performance is Top Notch: The stats alone are very nice, but the HBM2 graphics card has made a huge difference in my video editing and app development. Rending videos takes less that half the time with the monster-fast iMac! Plus, the 128G RAM Memory update I will be doing is going to make this thing scream!

How I Make Videos:
13″ Apple MacBook Pro:
Apple iPhone 7 Plus:
GoPro Hero 7 Black:
RODE VideoMicro:
Sony Voice Recorder

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