Qualcomm is becoming more thinking about manufacturing chips for laptops after it has actually dominated the smartphone market, Nevertheless, the very first ACPC a completely interconnected PC with Snapdragon 835 inside might not fire up a substantial market demand. Later Qualcomm introduced the 2.96 GHz Snapdragon 850 to compensate for the areas left in the earlier chip.

Now Qualcomm is ready to present next-generation processor 8180, the processor appeared on Geekbench which suggests that the chip is not created for smartphones however rather for laptop computers.

Qualcomm MTP

The processor called “Qualcomm MTP” the chip is trial run Windows 10 on ARM, the word MTP means Mobile Test Platform, it does not necessarily imply that the chip is designed for mobile phones; the rating shows the memory of 8128MB is likewise significantly high as compared to the chips used in Mobile phones. Likewise, the size 20X15 millimeters is way too huge as compared to the average size of Smartphone chips. Qualcomm has actually established a brand-new note pad chip as per evidence.


The chip performs rather quicker, it scored 1392 on a single core and 4286 on multicore tests. In vertical contrast, the normal running points of Snapdragon on Windows 10 platform were taped at 911 and multicore 3278 points. Snapdragon has the rating while running on Windows 10 platform was tape-recorded at single core 1281 and multi-core 3485.

These figures showed that Snapdragon 8180 is 53% faster than Snapdragon 835 and 8.7% faster than Snapdragon 850 on a single core test, while, the SD8180 is 31% faster than SD835 and 23% faster than SD850 on multicore tests.

Other specification

That makes a substantial difference for Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8180 chip will be utilizing 8-core configuration setup and Cortex A75/A76 CPU architecture with the minimum frequency of 1.96 GHz. Qualcomm is anticipated to introduce the Snapdragon 8180 chip by next year, the Taiwanese producer ASUS would be utilizing that chip in their brand-new line of laptops, the business is likewise dealing with their new gadget called “Primus”.



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