According to Newegg’s Best Sellers list, Nvidia has begun dominating graphics card sales across the board since prices began to stabilize a month ago. Newegg’s Best Sellers list consists entirely of RTX 30 series products — with the only exception being an occasional RTX 2060 listing piled into the mix. Radeon cards, both new or old, are nowhere to be seen.

The market situation at Newegg is quite strange, to say the least. GPUs from both AMD and Nvidia have been dropping in price steadily, and AMD even has a distinct edge in pricing in two distinct categories, the ultra-high-end flagship category, and the lower mid-range market. With the RX 6600 outperforming the RTX 3060 12GB in pricing, and the RX 6900 XT outpricing the RTX 3090 as well as RTX 3080 Tis.

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