In this article we will give you a simple guide that will show you how to improve the battery life on your iPad. The reason I decided to write this article is because frequenting the forums I was a lot of people having problems with the battery life of the iPad.

Most people were complaining of having 100% battery and then leaving the iPad on for a few hours and seeing the battery has gone down all the way to 30%. Obviously if you are not using your iPad this is a very rapid decline of battery life.

Luckily this article will address the reason this happens.

NOTE: If you perform the steps in this article and your battery life is still going down quickly you will need to call Apple support.

How To Improve Battery Life On The iPad:

To save the battery all you need to do is double tap the Home button.

This is the main button at the bottom of your iPad. You need to press this twice fast.

You will then see a menu pop up at the bottom of the screen and this will have all of your recently used apps.

Now you need to rest your finger on the first app.

NOTE: You are not going to tap the first app; you need to actually rest your finger on it until it starts to wobble.

Once it starts to wobble you will see a red subtract sign at the top left of the app.

You then need to press this red subtract sign to delete the app. Delete ALL of them in the taskbar.

This will not delete the app from your iPad it will only delete it from this quick start bar.

Once they are all deleted and the taskbar is clear you will have much better battery life for your iPad.

Why Does This Work?

Every app that you use on the iPad will be put in this quick start taskbar by default. The problem is that if you are playing a lot of games and using a lot of different apps it will keep them running in the background.

If you have been playing a racing game for instance and then you go to use Safari to browse the web you may find that the racing game is running in the background and this is what drains the battery.

By following through the steps above you will be able to improve your iPad battery life with ease.

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