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If you learn one thing today about the future of wireless transmission it’s that the ‘G,’ in 4G and 5G, stands for generation.

With that said, we are quickly approaching the next generation of higher speed transmission for cell phones and mobile devices.

Companies like VerizonT-MobileAT&T and Sprint will all begin launching 5G services by either late 2018 or early 2019.

“Now imagine how 5G will revolutionize everything in our lives,” according to Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. “Speeds 100 times faster than today, driverless cars, incredibly smart robots and smart city technologies will be powered by an always-connected 5G network.”

As you might expect your 4G LTE capable phone will not benefit at all from the upgrade.

To pick up and transmit at 5G speeds you’ll need a device that has a 5G chip.

According to CNET Qualcomm has finally been able to shrink a 5G chip down small enough to meet cell phone requirements which means 5G phones will be coming soon as well.

What does 5G get me?

In the beginning, 5G probably won’t do much for the average user.

“The big four national carriers are in a race to deploy next-generation 5G wireless networks, which should bring faster speeds, superior responsiveness and better coverage,” according to a CNET article.  “5G is seen as the foundational technology for areas like self-driving cars and streaming virtual reality, and it starts with these early deployments.”

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