Today we’re checking out exactly how the Radeon RX 5700 XT and also GeFor ce RTX 2070 Super contrast head to head in a large 37 video game standard. This is not the very first time we’re checking out these 2 graphics cards so you have actually discovered plenty concerning them currently and also also what to anticipate. First points initially, it ought to be explained that the RTX 2070 Super is an extra costly item, it has a $500 MSRP while the 5700 XT is available in at $400, making it 20% less expensive.

Nvidia has a $400 choice in the RTX 2060 Super, which can have been included in the mix yet we intended to make this an extra uncomplicated contrast. When it came time to select one, we questioned visitors what they intended to see and also nearly 80% of the ballots favored the 2070 Super contrast. We will not overlook the rate distinction and also neither ought to you as we overcome the outcomes.

As for the graphics cards made use of, standing for the red group we have the Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Devil which retails for $440 and also for the eco-friendly group the MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio which retails for precisely $100 a lot more at $540 The standard was assembled making use of the GeFor ce Game Ready vehicle driver 436.02 and also the Radeon Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.1 for the AMD GPUs.

The common GPU examination gear was embeded in area consisting of a Core i9-9900 K clocked at 5GHz with 16 GB of DDR4-3400 memory, all set up inside the Corsair Crystal 570 X. Tests occurred at 1440 p and also 4K resolutions. We’ll inspect concerning a lots causes far better information and afterwards leap to our 37 video game malfunction charts.


Let’s beginning with Forza Horizon 4 since just concerning a week ago the 5700 XT was matching also the RTX 2080 Ti in this title. However, the current GeFor ce vehicle driver upgrade caused enormous efficiency gains in Forza and also ApexLegends In this instance we’re checking out an enormous 30% efficiency uplift.

GeFor ce GPUs were succeeding in Forza Horizon prior to yet fairly it was a title that preferred Radeon GPUs. With this enhancement we currently see the RTX 2070 Super slipping by the 5700 XT at 1440 p and also give a wonderful 7% gain at 4K. This result is a video game changer for Nvidia, no word play here planned, yet it truly will assist the 2070 Super draw in advance of the 5700 XT.

Nvidia took care of some little gains in World War Z too. Performance at 1440 p is virtually head-to-head yet we do see the 5700 XT encounter some 1% reduced concerns at 4K. This is a pity provided it had the ability to make 97 fps usually which is an extremely strong outcome.

The 5700 XT continues to be in advance in our Battlefield V standard, however once more it’s the 1% reduced efficiency that’s doubtful, especially at 4K. When you think about that AMD’s billing $100 much less the outcomes do not look fifty percent negative currently do they.

The various other video game where Nvidia has actually made an excellent progression is ApexLegends Here the 2070 Super is currently 10% faster at 1440 p. Not sufficient to validate the rate distinction, yet a minimum of it’s plainly quicker in this title currently.

Counter-Strike: GO … obviously 300 fps usually is an excellent number for this video game, so you’ll accomplish that at 1440 p with either graphics card making use of optimum aesthetic top quality setups which isn’t what affordable video games utilize always, so with affordable setups anticipate … around 1,000 fps or whatever your CPU can take care of.

Frame prices in F1 2019 are affordable, essentially we’re checking out similar efficiency making use of either GPU. The 5700 XT was a hair quicker at 4K, yet on the whole you’re checking out an extremely comparable video gaming experience.

Another greatly asked for old banger is The Witcher 3 WildHunt Admittedly however, it is a high quality video game that’s still extremely requiring. The RTX 2070 Super given 11% even more structures usually at 1440 p, though we do see similar 1% reduced efficiency.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood plays ideal on the 2070 Super, however at 1440 p with optimal top quality setups we’re still seeing over 120 fps in any way times with the 5700 XT, so just how much that added 10% efficiency issues depends on you.

Mad eager Fortnite gamers will certainly wish to utilize a GeFor ce GPU. The RT 2070 Super was 17% faster usually at 1440 p which is nearly adequate to validate the 25% boost in rate. A solid revealing for Nvidia though if you’re making use of reduced setups when reviewing $400+ GPUs it most likely does not matter.

Nvidia has actually a little boosted efficiency in Strange Brigade and also currently the 2070 Super is an excellent little bit quicker than the 5700 XT, offering 12% even more efficiency at 1440 p and also a 23% more powerful 1% reduced outcome.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has the GeFor ce carrying out 10% faster at 1440 p and also 9% faster at 4K. With ‘affordable’ esports setups both will certainly keep more than 100 fps in any way times.

Project Cars 2 has actually generally preferred GeFor ce GPUs greatly, yet however the 2070 Super is simply 10% faster at 1440 p which isn’t a substantial margin provided the rate distinction. It was likewise 6% faster when contrasting 1% reduced information and also we see that efficiency is likewise rather close at 4K.

Finally we have World of Tanks where the 2070 Super was 7% faster usually at 1440 p with both GPUs balancing over 130 fps.

The Full Game Breakdown

As anticipated the GeFor ce RTX 2070 Super is the a lot more effective GPU though it was just quicker by a ~10% margin in this smaller sized collection of video games we simply took a look at. Given it sets you back 25% even more though, that will not make it the very best worth choice to validate the added financial investment.

Before we make an expense evaluation, allow’s take a look at exactly how they accumulated throughout all 37 video games examined. Actually, prior to we study the complete outcomes, allow’s have a look back at our the first day results (very early July) for a fast refresher course. There’s no Apex Legends examination below yet we did examination Forza Horizon 4 which made use of to be a large win for AMD.

From that 2% margin at launch, we currently discover that the 5700 XT is 6% slower at 1440 p with 37 video games. Not precisely a planet ruining adjustment yet an adjustment however. While the 5700 XT is approximately $100 (20% less expensive) than the 2070 Super, it was never ever 20% slower at 1440 p.

It was 19% slower in Warhammer Vermintide 2, we likewise saw a 16% margin in War Thunder and also 15% inFortnite But when checking out all the 37 video games we examined it was simply 6% slower total which makes the 5700 XT an actually great worth.

The margin does expand at 4K, below the 5700 XT was 9% slower usually and also as much as 24% slower in War Thunder and also 22% slower in MetroExodus For those video gaming at 4K, we can see a factor to acquire the RTX 2070 Super, yet in regards to worth the 5700 XT is still practically far better.

Now below’s a check out the price per framework information. The 5700 XT (PowerColor Red Devil) appears at an expense of $4 per framework at 1440 p, or 14% less expensive than the MSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio.

For those video gaming at 4K, the RTX 2070 Super fairs a little far better as the 5700 XT was just 9% less expensive per framework below, a practical discount rate so you’ll need to consider up what’s more vital for you, outright efficiency or worth.

Wrap Up

If you have $400 to invest in a graphics card, it’s clear that the Radeon RX 5700 XT is the very best choice. Based on this information we approximate it’s about 10% faster than the RTX 2060 Super, to ensure that makes it 10% far better in regards to price per framework. If you consider your purchasing choices a lot more on worth after that the 5700 XT is likewise a far better buy than the RTX 2070 Super, as we simply saw it’s about 14% less expensive per framework.

However, this will certainly rely on the video games you play as the GeFor ce will certainly obtain desirable lead to video games such as Vermintide 2, War Thunder and also Fortnite, where you simply obtain following rate efficiency for the additional money you pay.

Overall the 5700 XT is extremely punchy at 1440 p and also we assume it’s reasonable to claim that the 5700 XT gets rid of the RTX 2060 Super and also it nearly does the exact same to the 2070 Super, yet the reality that the 2070 Super was quicker by a significant margin in concerning a lots of the video games examined, indicates it’s a beneficial choice for those looking for some added efficiency. If you specifically play titles such as Battlefield V, CS: GO, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Far Cry New Dawn, For Honor, Just Cause 4, World War Z, DUST Rally 2, F1 2019, Warframe and also concerning six various other titles that we examined, after that the 2070 Super gives way much less feeling.

We currently meant this out in our current upgrade to The Best GraphicsCards For the very best premium 1440 p GPU we’re choosing the Radeon 5700 XT as the very best choice in the $400 – $600 variety. Unless you’re investing substantially a lot more– there’s a short home window for acquiring the RTX 2080 at $660 which is a far better offer than acquiring the Super variation– there are nothing else choices.

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