Today we’re contrasting Nvidia’s GeFor ce RTX 2060 as well as AMD’s Radeon RX 5600 XT head to head in over 30 video games at 2 resolutions: 1080 p as well as 1440 p. But prior to we go on to the benchmark stage, allow’s place points in point of view for the freshly released mid-range Radeon as well as the year-old RTX 2060 that has actually gotten a rate lowered to $300 for some versions.

It’s been a month given that our first 5600 XT testimonial as well as it’s reasonable to claim we weren’t surprised by the brand-new below-$300Radeon Wrapping up that testimonial we stated “The Radeon RX 5600 XT is a reputable item that has actually promoted reduced costs as well as far better efficiency at $300 For that alone, we compliment it. The GPU will not blow your socks off as well as yet it’s far better worth than the Radeon RX 5700 as well as makes the RTX 2060 Super a truly challenging buy. Given the competitors in this rate array, we assume AMD has actually done penalty.”

We likewise examined whether numerous RTX 2060 versions would really strike $300 as well as what type of supply you might anticipate for supposed KO as well as FE versions at that much more hostile rate factor.

About a month later on, where are we currently? Well, the RTX 2060 is still type of a $300 GPU as you can acquire the FE version for $300 straight from Nvidia as well as the EVGA KO variation is likewise readily available for $300 Meanwhile, 14 Gbps 5600 XT’s can be had for $290 That makes the RTX 2060 simply 4% much more costly for the FE variation, or concerning 10% even more when contrasting most AIB versions. In some areas 2060 FE/KO versions are not readily available, making the GeFor ce choice a little bit much more expensive.

But rate is just component of the formula, there’s certainly the efficiency facet which we’ll take a look at momentarily, and afterwards there’s vehicle drivers. After seeing various customer records of AMD vehicle driver problems, we jabbered concerning it just recently as well as the records have actually maintained coming. Drivers with these Navi GPUs is regrettably one more aspect that requires to be taken into consideration.

For today’s screening we are making use of the MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z as well as the Sapphire Pulse 5600 XT, outfitted with the current VBIOS sustaining 14 Gbps memory transfer rates. Powering our GPU examination gear is the Core i9-9900 K overclocked to 5 GHz with 16 GB of DDR4-3400 memory. As common, as opposed to covering each of the 32 video game criteria we’ll take a look at a lots carefully and afterwards delve into efficiency malfunction charts.


First up we have Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as well as below the 5600 XT simply pushes in advance of the RTX 2060 at both examined resolutions, using 5% even more efficiency at 1080 p as well as simply a solitary additional framework at 1440 p. You can securely call this the same efficiency.

In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order we see that making use of the current vehicle drivers it’s extremely limited in between the RTX 2060 as well as 5600 XT, once more we’re considering essentially the same efficiency.

The Outer Worlds generally prefers Nvidia equipment as well as we see this is once more the instance. It’s worth keeping in mind that the 1% reduced efficiency equals at both examined resolutions, so at the very least the 5600 XT is using a smooth video gaming experience in this title.

Next up we have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as well as once more we see extremely close numbers at 1080 p as well as 1440 p, the previous specifically is a similar suit.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one more title where these 2 GPUs supply practically the same efficiency at both examined resolutions, without greater than 2 fps in it which is minimal.

The 5600 XT battles a bit in Control when making use of MSAAx4 which can be amplified when you take a look at the 1% reduced efficiency dipping down a little, also at 1080 p. If we just take a look at the ordinary framework price, the RTX 2060 depends on 7% faster, however if we concentrate on the 1% reduced outcomes, the GeFor ce GPU depends on 14% faster.

AMD frequently succeeds in World War Z as well as we see that the 5600 XT had no problem taking it to the RTX 2060 at 1080 p. Here the Radeon GPU was 11% faster. However the margin does turn back in Nvidia’s support at 1440 p, as well as currently the 5600 XT is 7% slower.

Radeon GPUs have actually constantly executed well in the F1 titles as well as the 5600 XT has the ability to defeat the RTX 2060 below, offering 10% even more efficiency at 1080 p as well as 14% even more at 1440 p, a strong win for the red group.

The RTX 2060 uses more powerful efficiency in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, at the very least when making use of the Vulkan API which AMD does not show up to have actually maximized for yet. The 1% reduced efficiency experiences contrasted to what we see when making use of DX11 We’ll stick to Vulkan for the near future as well as see exactly how AMD hops on over the coming months.

We anticipated the RTX 2060 to compose even more ground on the 5600 XT in Fortnite however AMD has actually made certain their GPUs are well maximized for this greatly preferred title. In the very early days of Fortnite Nvidia GPUs controlled, however it’s excellent to see that AMD has actually functioned to enhance this title. The outcome equals efficiency in between these GPUs at both examined resolutions.

Using the extremely top quality setups in Gears 5 sees the 5600 XT quickly defeated the RTX 2060 offering 18% even more structures at 1080 p as well as 15% even more at 1440 p.

Frame prices in Shadow of the Tomb Raider were extremely comparable as well as this is yet one more title where the RTX 2060 as well as 5600 XT supply practically the same efficiency.

Performance is likewise extremely comparable in Apex Legends, the 5600 XT does a little far better at 1080 p while the RTX 2060 does a little far better at 1440 p, however on the whole the video gaming experience will certainly be similar making use of either GPU.

Last up we have PUBG, a title that has actually constantly preferred GeFor ce GPUs. The RTX 2060 was 9% faster at 1080 p as well as simply 6% faster at 1440 p in this contrast.

Performance Breakdown

Just as we saw when examining the Radeon RX 5600 XT in our day-one protection, the GPU shows up equally matched with Nvidia’s RTX2060 At launch we just examined a lots video games and now we have actually consisted of a much broader variety of titles, with 32 video games examined in overall. Let’s see exactly how they contrast throughout a range of just recently launched as well as preferred titles.

In completion, the 5600 XT success by a low 3% distinction. Helping the Radeon side in advance allowed 20% or far better success in Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus as well as DUST Rally 2. The just video games to truly flounder the 5600 XT were The Outer Worlds, Vermintide 2 as well as Strange Brigade.

The currently tiny 3% margin preferring AMD at 1080 p diminishes to 1% at 1440 p. On standard that equals efficiency, if we could not claim that currently at 1080 p. Our launch testimonial of the RX 5600 XT revealed something comparable, so it appears we succeeded with a lots video game example that was extremely depictive of what we see below with 32 titles.

What to Buy

Bottom line, the 5600 XT as well as RTX 2060 are extremely equally matched in regards to efficiency. As it’s typically the instance when we see this type of outcome, the very best choice for you will most likely boil down to the video games you play.

The 2 GPUs are so equally matched that it triggers us to think about the vehicle driver angle, specifically with a huge base of customers reporting problems with collapsing as well as black displays over the previous couple of months. At the very least in the short-term, it must be a worry as well as it makes advising the 5600 XT fairly hard. The RTX 2060 is a tested item at this moment, it uses a comparable degree of efficiency, as well as usually sets you back anywhere from $10 to $30 additional which is a small rate to spend for security.

You likewise do not need to be specifically cautious pertaining to which RTX 2060 you acquire. The less costly base versions approach the costs variations which’s absolutely not the instance with the 5600 XT.

We do think the 5600 XT is a respectable item as well as with a little bit even more time to settle vehicle driver problems as well as delivery cards with the appropriate VBIOS, it will certainly be a major challenger down the line. But in the meantime we need to select the RTX 2060, we merely think you’ll be far better cared for with the GeFor ce graphics card choice.

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