Finally, here it is!
The Dell XPS 15 7590 is here!

This is my unboxing and first-hand experience of the laptop.

My configuration:

9th Gen i7 Processor
4K OLED (non-touch version)
16 GB RAM (will upgrade)
512 GB SSD (already upgraded to 2TB)

I still can’t add external links in my videos. So, here are the specs of the laptop.

Things I like:

1. The screen! It’s AWESOME!

The OLED screen is super awesome. I compared it with the MacBook Pro 15″ 2017 version and Dell was way ahead than that. Even though the screen is (claimed to be) brighter in the MacBook, the contrast ratio of the Dell is unmatched. The colors are vibrant and the blacks are pitch black.

NOTE: The screen flickering can be fixed by disabling the “Panel Self-Refresh” from the Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel.

2. The keyboard.

One thing I hate about laptop keyboards is the keyboard. For some reason, laptop manufacturers make it unusable. But not with this one. The laptop is very comfortable to type with good key travel.

3. The design.

The aluminum body is great with a matte finish, and the carbon fiber on the inside feels good to rest the arm.

Things I don’t like:

1. Wifi

Same as the older models, the WiFi problem persists. After three days, the WiFi module stopped and I still couldn’t find a way to fix it.


Finally, I got it fixed (hopefully) by resetting the Network (In the Network Settings — Status — Reset Network). Then shut down the computer. Unplug power. Remove the battery if possible. Leave if for a couple of minutes. Then plug them back. Press and hold the power button for around 30 mins until it starts. Then the drivers should be reset and try installing the drivers again.

Let me know if this worked for you.

2. Ports

Even though they have USB 3 and SD card slot, I expected more ports such as one more USB-C/Thunderbolt port and/or one more USB port.

3. Speakers

Speakers are downward-firing and they suck big time!

4. There are some issues with the NVidia drivers, so Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder get stuck in the middle. Because of this, it uses either CPU or the Intel Graphics and then the fan goes like wroooooommmmm…. Even louder than my table fan 😛

The issue seems to be fixed after upgrading BIOS and NVidia drivers.

But I hope NVidia or Adobe will fix it soon. (So, it’s not an issue with the laptop).

Overall, I have a good impression over the laptop and I will keep you updated about the issues.


Recommended RAM upgrade:

Crucial CT16G4SFD8266 16GB Memory:
(Buy two of them separately because it’s cheaper :P)

Recommended SSD upgrade:
Samsung 970 EVO 2TB:

Please watch: “Upgrade RAM and SSD of Dell XPS 5 7590”



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