It is very frustrating when a computer doesn’t works properly, especially if the computer is for work or school. It can be more worse when you can’t pay your bills on time and you are not able to complete the assignments and projects. A comparison was done between all leading computer manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Gateway and Apple to who gives the best computer technical support and how long the average call goes.

Each company was scored in different areas which included menu navigation, how long until you left the menu system, time to service reply, and total call length. A basic question was asked to each company which was, “Is there a way you can manually eject a stuck CD from the CD drive”. The answer was that you can eject the CD from CD drive using a paperclip in the manual eject hole but all the companies were not able to answer the right away.

Dell Support

In the Dell computer technical support, you will get a first interaction with a voice activated menu system which is very easy to navigate. In most cases it will take you about 30 seconds to get through the voice system and another 10 seconds to get to the service representative. As soon as you will mention the problem, the service representative will prompt with the relevant solution to your problem.

HP Support

The HP computer technical support line is all voice navigated. You can not easily navigate through the voice support. Firstly you will have to enter the type of product and the product model name. Take an example that you want a computer tech support for your HP dv6500t test notebook. Sometimes it is quite difficult to get the voice system to understand what you are saying. In order to get to the relevant computer support center, you have to speak very carefully.

The computer tech support representative will not assist you if don’t have a valid serial number. was frustrating to talk with, and would not assist me without a valid serial number.


Besides that you have too much free time on the weekends, simple things can make the computer technical support experience either wonderful or frustrating. The worst part of computer technical support calls is the interactive voice menu system. If you are calling the first time then most of the times you will be routed the wrong way. In some of the calls, you have to pronounce the words multiple times before it would understand you. It would be more easier to have press 1 for computers.

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