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IT Fix Direct Services

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Virus Removal
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computer repair services by IT Fix Direct located in Gateshead, North East of the UK


Cracked Laptop Screens
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Printer Connections


Slow PC Laptop & Internet
Overheating Laptop
Laptop Shutting Down

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5 Most Common
Computer Problems

And What IT Fix Direct Can Do To Fix Them

Slow Laptop

Most commonly this is caused by RAM Memory / Hard Disk space issues or simply by a data-overloaded operating system that requires cleaning.
However, in some instances, Viruses and Malware could be the cause of your laptop slowness.
If you are serious about your online security and productivity (no one likes to work on a slow computer!), you may want our specialist to look into this. We provide an excellent computer repairs service for the best price possible. CHAT with me now!

WiFi / Printer Not Connecting

Often caused by a weak router signal or a think walls in your home. But sometimes this is a case of system drivers or a software bug.
Don’t let your expensive modems and printers lie around and catch the dust. This is usually a quick fix for an IT specialist we resolve in no time for a minimum price!

Unable To Send / Receive Emails

Similar to the above, if not caused by a connectivity issue the email client you are often using requires a proper configuration to send and receive messages. We also get regular queries to set up an email on an iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones/tablets as the email setup there is different than on the PC laptop.
We do these fixes on the spot now at a REDUCED price for a LIMITED time!

Pop-ups / Malware

Don’t ignore these threats! These are the most common issues we encounter and have a potential to do a lot of damage. If you care about your, privacy, online banking and shopping safety, and your children online security you may want an IT Fix Direct to check periodically for the anti-virus health status of your computer system.
If you bring your PC laptop onsite for a computer repairs, we will offer you a LIFETIME FREE antivirus and expert security configuration.
This is a limited one-time offer so be quick to get it before it’s gone…

Overheating / Loud Fan

If your computer is not switching on or shuts itself down, please ensure you are not forcing it to repair itself miraculously by hitting that power button. In such instances, your PC laptop could be close to a permanent damage. Hence, your next best step is to bring it over to us for a thorough cleanup.
We use expert materials and will carefully clean the PC laptop inner parts. This is our most POPULAR Computer Repairs service that we offer for a very reasonable price and often can make your PC laptop like it’s NEW again!

With our computer repairs

Up to 75% CHEAPER than an average new laptop!