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Terms and Conditions

IT FIX DIRECT is trading under Colorpeak Ltd (company number: 10118210) registered at 296 High Street, Gateshead, Tyne And Wear, NE8 1EQ

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    1. All website visitors agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. By continuing to use the Website or by Ordering services offered by IT Fix Direct you agree to these terms and conditions.
    2. IT Fix Direct provides customers with one-off assistance, advice, repair or technical support service for computing devices (PC, laptop, X-Box, iPhone, projector, CCTV, etc.) either via an on customer premises service or remote support service, by appointment.
    3. IT Fix Direct reserves the right to refuse to return equipment if the customer refuses to pay for performed computer repair services and/or work satisfactorily completed.
    4. If the customer does not wish for the computer repair services to be carried out at their premises, or the repair cannot be carried out at customer’s premises, the customer authorises IT Fix Direct to receive and transport the media/equipment/data to, from and between customer’s premises and IT Fix Direct workshop, where the repair will be carried out.

All call-outs – both home visits and the collection with return costs additional £15 within Tyne and Wear (Newcastle, Gateshead, North Shields, South Shields, Sunderland, etc.). Long distance travel within North East (Northumberland, County Durham) and outside of Tyne and Wear County is also possible if you are willing to cover additional mileage fare of £10 on top of the £15. IT Fix Direct will inform you if a mileage fee applies and how much it will be, before visiting.

  1. We accept payment by cash, card or bank transfer. Payment is due upon receipt of the service.
  2. All PC computer repair services carried out by IT Fix Direct are covered by 30-day warranty. If the same fault re-occurs within a short time (up to 7 days), we will reinvestigate the issue, crediting any previous labour. Where the re-investigation costs exceed previous charges and/or IT Fix Direct identifies the fault is unrelated to the previous repair, IT Fix Direct reserves the right to invoice the difference including any new diagnosis and/or repairs carried out.
    In the case of any additional costs, the customer will be informed prior to completing the job.
  3. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the performance of computer repair services to customer’s hardware by IT Fix Direct may void certain warranties provided by the manufacturer of such Hardware. Customer acknowledges and agrees that under no circumstances shall IT Fix Direct have any liability whatsoever for any actual, compensatory, punitive, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages as a result of the voiding of any such warranties.
  4. It is the responsibility of the customer to supply all software and other items that were originally supplied with the part to return the goods under the warranty agreement. Failure to do so could affect the warranty claim as manufacturers often demand ALL parts returned. IT Fix Direct cannot be held responsible for a loss of these parts.
  5. IT Fix Direct does not accept any liability for data or software which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered during PC computer repair services. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they have an adequate backup of all their data before any work commences. IT Fix Direct can backup your data for you prior to commencing work based on agreed service that is provided.
  6. IT Fix Direct reserves the right to dispose of any property left with IT Fix Direct unclaimed for 30 days, at which time, IT Fix Direct will have no liability to the client or any third party.
  7. IT Fix Direct will not disclose any information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from client’s equipment except when required by law.
  8. All contents of the website are Copyright © 2018 Colorpeak Ltd. All rights reserved. It is prohibited to reproduce, in whole or in part, the content of this site in any language.
  9. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice to website visitor and do not affect statutory rights.