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Virus Removal / Malware Removal / Adware Removal

This is only one of the most frequent problems that we encounter on daily basis. More than anything that I find myself removing malware. We not only get rid of the disease, but we also provide insight about how best to prevent further infections. For all our customers in Fenham we advocate using Malwarebytes regularly to keep in the clear. For the latest info on internet security see our IT Repairs & Technology BLOG.

Fix Black and Blue Display Errors

This is often known as “the blue screen of death”. A variety of reasons can lead to this malfunction, such as windows file errors and unique kinds of hardware errors. See our computer repair price for more details on the repair – Computer Repair Service in Fenham can help you fixing exactly that type of laptop issues.

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We appreciate how hard it is these days to be without a computer. That’s why we offer a quick diagnosis so you don’t have to wait more than necessary to have your computer fixed.

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Repair Windows File Errors

Windows file errors can lead to all sort of horrible issues. They are able to make your computer run slow as well as make certain apps not open or operate properly. However, they are sometimes much worse. They could prevent your computer from booting up in any way. Many times these types of issues can be fixed without needing a reinstall of Windows, but at the worst case scenarios, a Reinstall or System Refresh are sometimes required.

Repair Errors with Windows Update

Windows upgrade issues can be quite aggravating. It is important to always keep your machine up to date for security functions. These security upgrades limitation holes that hackers see to help keep you safe on the internet. Try our Windows Update Troubleshooter Services in Fenham. We can fix update problems in many situations.

Printer Install/Troubleshooting at your Home in Fenham

Don’t worry, since we can aid you with the vast majority of printer issues such as printer installs, putting up sharing onto a printer over a network so other computers can print to it, even wireless printing and much more.

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Business IT Service Preventive care in Fenham

Do not wait till it is broke to repair it. It is better to attempt to prevent problems rather than wait till they’ve happened. We can get you to a schedule where we regularly maintain all of your computers at your company location. We advocate maintenance quarterly, but some customers prefer to decide on the monthly program. Our preventative care includes everything which should be checked to allow you to rest assured that your machines are constantly going to be running at optimal performance. We examine several things about the hardware end of things along with the software end. For hardware, some of the items that we check comprise fans, hard disk diagnostics, memory diagnostics, and complete system diagnostics when required. For the application end of things, we make sure that we check security and performance. The tests can include ensuring that all upgrades and security packs are installed regularly. In addition, we include making sure antivirus is constantly up to date and working properly along with a number of different things software associated. There is a great deal more to this service feel free to ask if you have any queries.

Business and Office IT Computer Failure Remedy in Fenham

Some customers prefer to wait until something happens to repair the problem. Typically, this involves troubleshooting/diagnostics to determine the issue then taking action to repair the issue. The PC failures may also be either hardware related or software associated. However, many IT problems that we face each day are software related. These repairs are offered at your location in Fenham or directly at our Gateshead Workshop Studio. Only a side note, it’s a little cheaper to deliver it in the office than to get it repaired onsite.

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Customer Testimonials

Amazing customer service and a very speedy job on what was a pretty big problem! I could not be more thankful as I got my laptop back in excellent time and condition. I felt involved throughout and was kept informed as to the progress. An all round brilliant little shop!


Facebook Review

Took my unresponsive laptop in for repair, the issue was rectified within 24 hours and for a reasonable price. Lucas also pre-installed commonly used programs (Skype, Chrome, Ad-Block etc.) and cleaned up the internals/externals which was a nice touch. Great communication throughout the process, I would definitely recommend to anyone with a faulty PC.

Ben Arnold

Google Review

I'm so pleased with my laptop now it's like new again. Lucas fixed it in just a couple of days and took the time to explain all the new features. His charges are very reasonable and he offers a great after care service too. Would highly recommend.

Alison Eastwood

Google Review