see through touch technology for blind and people with visual impairment

Visually impaired individuals could soon get a better feel for spectacular scenery thanks to an innovative computer gadget.

Ford has actually teamed up with Aedo Task, specialising in tasks for the blind, to bring the magnificence of a mountain top to everybody.

The technology works by connecting a screen with an electronic camera to an automobile window.

The camera then records photos of surrounding landscapes and an algorithm, likewise in the device, discovers the shapes in the image.

These shapes are then transformed into tiny vibrations, which the users can feel.

After dealing with the idea for 7 months, the prototype is now prepared and after a fast setup on the cars and truck window, it is all set to go.

The device works utilizing vibrations. Credit: AP

Aedo Project teamed up with 15 blind people to perfect the technology.

Designer Giuseppe D’Ambrosio stated: “It converts the light, so the images as they are a transmission of light, nano vibrations in a sensible way– these are specific information that transmit a feeling of touch to different surface areas, the irregular ones, the rubbery ones etc and so on.

“So in a particular way the vibrations transmit the experience of a steady passage from a lower vibration when there is less light to a greater vibration when there is more light.

“It is sort of a new language to change light in something that can be felt by the blind.”

The device still needs to be refined, however inning accordance with Mr D’Ambrosio it might potentially currently be readily available on the marketplace by next year for less than ₤ 100.



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