When looking for an affordable laptop, you have two options at your disposal. You can decide to go for a Chromebook, which may end up saving you more money, or you can choose to opt for a Windows laptop. Today, we’re going to review one of the most affordable Windows laptops on the market which is still reasonably reliable: the ASUS L402WA.


This laptop from ASUS is meant for customers who want something that is affordable but isn’t a Chromebook. Thanks to the use of the Windows 10 S operating system, this computer can do everything that you would expect from a normal PC, it’s just that the OS is largely found in the cloud.

Let’s start off with the performance that you can expect to get out of the components that come included with this computer. Starting with the processor, the AMD quad-core model ensures that you’ll be able to perform nearly any task you’d want to on this computer, including basic video editing.

The inclusion of integrated Radeon R2 graphics means that you won’t be doing much gaming on this device, but some processes will still be smoothed along by this integration. The 4GB of RAM that is featured on this device ensures that multitasking is possible without too much slowdown.

Finally, this device also features 32GB of flash storage, but unfortunately, there’s only around 15GB remaining after you account for the Windows installation. This is one of the only downsides of this system, and you can opt for a low-profile USB drive or other expanded storage option to remedy this issue.

You’ll be excited to learn that this laptop also comes with a year-long subscription to Office 365, which further cements this model’s place as an excellent mobile workstation. If your job involves writing or putting together presentations on the go, there aren’t many models which can hope to match this one.

Overall, this laptop is an excellent choice if you want to save money. Apart from the relative lack of storage space, the only other complaint we have is the plastic construction, which can feel flimsy but it was relatively durable throughout our review.


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