Today we have actually obtained a huge 41 video game standard contrasting the GeFor ce RTX 2060 Super as well as Radeon RX 5700 head to head. This large contrast consists of brand-new titles such as Borderlands 3, Gears 5 as well as Tom Clancy’s Ghost ReconBreakpoint All the outcomes are all new as well as were collected throughout the recently utilizing the current display screen motorists in addition to the current video game variations.

Representing AMD we have the PowerColor Red Devil 5700 as well as for Nvidia we have the MSI RTX 2060 Super Gaming X. The Red Devil is a costs Radeon RX 5700 card that can be found in at $390, yet as we have actually currently developed in previous evaluations, in regards to efficiency, it’s no faster than base version cards costing the MSRP. The very same is mainly real of the Gaming X, it can be found in at $430, yet you’ll obtain extremely comparable efficiency from various other designs showing off the very same GPU.

Going on the AMD as well as Nvidia recommended prices, the RX 5700 can be found in at $350 as well as the RTX 2060 Super at $400 We’ll discuss prices in much better information at the end of the post, while additionally talking about different choices.

For currently allow’s see exactly how these 2 GPUs contrast in a huge series of video games utilizing our Core i9-9900 K examination gear which has actually been overclocked to 5 GHz as well as attributes 16 GB of DDR4-3400 memory. All the screening happened at 1080 p as well as 1440 p and also customarily, we’ll consider around a lots video games and afterwards delve into the efficiency break down charts for all 41 video games.


Kick beginning the criteria we have Borderlands 3 as well as right here the Radeon RX 5700 uses greater framework prices at both evaluated resolutions, though the margins aren’t substantial. The 5700 is 6% faster at 1080 p as well as 10% faster at 1440 p. On doubt, the 1440 p margin is sensibly big as well as you’ll begin to discover that 14% rise in 1% reduced efficiency.

The Radeon GPU was additionally quicker when screening with Gears 5 as it delights in as much as a 10% efficiency margin at 1080 p. The outcomes are extra affordable at 1440 p as well as while we do see the very same 1% reduced efficiency, the 5700 was a hair quicker when contrasting the ordinary framework price.

The 2060 Super obtains its very first win in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, offering 7% even more efficiency at 1080 p. That claimed the margin was reduced the effects of at 1440 p as well as right here both GPUs balanced simply over 70 fps.

Upon launch the Radeon RX 5700 was 31% faster than the 2060 Super when screening with Forza Horizon 4. However a current Nvidia chauffeur increased efficiency by around 20-25% for the Turing based GPUs and also consequently the 5700 is currently simply 8% faster, though both GPUs did press over 100 fps at both 1080 p as well as 1440 p.

World War Z has actually seen a number of efficiency updates over the previous couple of months, yet these have not transformed the margins in between AMD as well as Nvidia GPUs. The 5700 is still 11% faster usually at 1080 p as well as 8% faster at 1440 p.

The Battlefield V outcomes are very affordable, right here the 5700 was simply a structure quicker at 1080 p as well as just 5% faster at 1440 p, so on the whole a really comparable pc gaming experience utilizing either GPU.

Nvidia typically delights in an efficiency benefit in Apex Legends as well as we see precisely that when contrasting the 5700 as well as 2060Super The GeFor ce GPU was 9% faster at 1080 p as well as 7% faster at 1440 p, not large margins, yet still a win for the eco-friendly group.

We would certainly be fairly shocked by these outcomes if we had not lately seen comparable margins when contrasting the RTX 2070 Super as well as 5700 XT. AMD shows up to do effectively in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as right here the 5700 was 16% faster at 1080 p as well as 8% faster at 1440 p. Of training course, we’re seeing framework prices more than 200 fps, so just how much these margins issue we’ll leave as much as you to make a decision.

F1 2019 supplies extremely affordable outcomes, the 2060 Super was a couple of structures quicker at 1080 p while we see generally similar efficiency at 1440 p. Both GPUs kept more than 60 fps at 1440 p.

Another title to reveal extremely affordable outcomes is The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, the 2060 Super was a couple of structures quicker, yet once again a the same pc gaming experience.

The 2060 Super pushed in advance in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, supplying 6% even more efficiency at 1080 p as well as 9% even more efficiency at 1440 p. Not a significant distinction as well as both GPUs did press over 100 fps whatsoever times, also at 1440 p.

Fortnite is a huge prominent title as well as you’ll see solid framework prices with either the 5700 or 2060Super The GeFor ce GPU was 6% faster at 1080 p, though 1% reduced efficiency equaled and afterwards at 1440 p we see as much as a 4% margin for the eco-friendly group.

Strange Brigade was a title AMD made use of to control yet with a couple of maximized chauffeur updates Nvidia’s clawed away at AMD’s benefit. In the situation of the 2060 Super as well as 5700, Nvidia’s really well in advance, defeating the $350 Radeon GPU by a 9% margin.

PUBG followers have actually constantly been finest offered by GeFor ce GPUs which still stays the circumstance also today. The 2060 Super was around 17% faster at both resolutions as well as you will certainly notification that added efficiency in this title. That claimed if you have fun with affordable setups the framework prices will certainly be so high it will not truly issue which GPU you utilize.

The 5700 endures instead weak 1% reduced efficiency at 1080 p when screening with Project Cars 2, this information is naturally based upon approximately 3 runs as well as in this circumstances, all 3 passes reported the very same 63 fps. Despite the inadequate 1% reduced efficiency the ordinary framework price approached that of the 2060 Super as well as we do see extra affordable efficiency on the whole at 1440 p.

Last up we have World of Tanks as well as this enters support of Nvidia as the 2060 Super supplies 7% even more efficiency at 1080 p as well as 11% even more at 1440 p. You will not discover the distinction at 1080 p yet at 1440 p you may discover the added structures with the 2060 Super, plus it did reveal a far better 1% reduced fps efficiency.

Performance Summary

It’s tough to state which GPU had the top hand because example of video games, it definitely appeared to go back as well as forth a fair bit, however, for one of the most component the margins were little. Still we have actually just considered a lots or two titles, so allow’s see exactly how both GPUs contrast throughout 41 video games at both 1080 p as well as 1440 p.

At 1080 p throughout 41 video games evaluated as programs over, the GeFor ce RTX 2060 Super is ~ 3% faster usually. The greatest outlier right here was Vermintide 2 where the RTX 2060 Super was 34% faster, yet also if we eliminate that outcome, the GeFor ce GPU was still 3% quicker usually which’s the appeal of screening many video games, outliers do not effect on the general outcome.

Moving to 1440 p, as revealed on the chart listed below, the 2060 Super is 4% faster usually when considering the complete 41 video games. We’re considering much less than a 5% margin on the whole, which suggests generally, efficiency is mosting likely to be close with either GPU as we observed in the lots or two video games we considered very closely.

For the expense per framework evaluation we’re utilizing the MSRP as it is feasible to acquire either the RX 5700 or RTX 2060 Super at these rates. Doing so suggests you’ll be paying 12% even more per framework for the GeFor ce GPU based upon the 1080 p information, or 11% even more based upon the 1440 p information. Going in this evaluation we understood the Radeon was a little bit extra inexpensive, so based upon the efficiency results the RTX 2060 Super can be found in at a little over a 10% cost costs.

Closing Remarks, Overclocking

Overall the RTX 2060 Super is a hair quicker, yet the RX 5700 uses somewhat even more value. We can not see you failing with either choice though as they are equally matched as well as do well for the cost.

As a side note, we lately benchmarked an overclocked RX 5700 blinked with a 5700 XT BIOS. We discovered you’re considering a 10% increase in efficiency usually. However this is not an option for every person as there is some danger connected with blinking a graphics card BIOGRAPHY as well as it’s not as easy as simply shooting up your favored adjusting energy as well as cranking up the clock regularity.

If you want to handle the obstacle as well as technology savvy sufficient to draw it off, after that indeed, you can open a fair bit extra efficiency from an RX 5700, yet note that will certainly additionally raise power usage by 25+% that makes the card to run hotter as well as consequently produce even more sound, yet hey, that’s overclocking. In such circumstances we additionally suggest you get an RX 5700 with a far better supply colder.

But prior to securing the bargain on a blinked RX 5700, it’s additionally worth keeping in mind that you can improve the efficiency of the RTX 2060 Super by regarding 8% with a standard core as well as memory overclock utilizing an energy such as MSI AfterBurner.

As for which means you ought to go, it will certainly boil down to prices in your area as well as what designs are readily available. Assuming the RX 5700 is $50 less expensive, after that we believe we would certainly obtain the RX5700 But as soon as you obtain more detailed in cost, state by a small ~$20 distinction, after that the GeFor ce RTX 2060 Super ends up being the much better option in our point of view, so bear in mind that when considering AIB designs. For instance, we prefer to have a base version RTX 2060 Super than a costs RX 5700.

Besides cost as well as efficiency there aren’t any type of various other variables guiding us in either instructions. Nvidia wishes to press ray mapping assistance as a marketing factor of the RTX 2060 Super yet we do not think that it is an element. The 2060 we really feel is woefully underpowered to make the most of ray mapping in modern-day titles which’s why we had not stated it till this factor. As a follow-up to our previous on the issue, we’ll be reviewing ray mapping efficiency with the Super collection GPUs soon.

Lastly, it deserves pointing out there’s RTX 2060 non-super version which appears to be costing around $350 That’s the very same cost as the RX 5700 nonetheless it’s ~ 9% slower than the Radeon, so unless you can obtain it for something more detailed to $310, it does not make good sense. There’s additionally the GTX 1660 Ti, which is a phenomenal GPU at $280 implying it will certainly cost you much less yet you will certainly obtain much less efficiency than the RTX 2060 Super as well as RX 5700 can supply.

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