The Radeon RX 5500 XT is AMD’s solution to Nvidia’s lately launched GeFor ce GTX 1650Super Codenamed Navi 14, we ultimately have the brand-new budget-oriented Radeon accessible. While this is practically a day-one testimonial, it’s not the very first 5500 XT testimonial to strike the internet. Some fortunate participants of journalism had the ability to obtain their hands on OEM variations, enabling them to evaluate in advance of launch. Results really did not look incredible, yet obviously, without validated prices details it was difficult to determine simply exactly how excellent or negative Navi 14 would certainly be.

To examine simply exactly how excellent the Radeon RX 5500 XT is, we have one card from MSI and also one fromGigabyte From MSI we have their ‘Gaming X’ design and also Gigabyte sent their ‘Gaming OC’ variation, both look great.

The RX 5500 XT GPU makes use of a small 158 mm2 pass away packaging simply 1408 cores and also 88 structure devices, virtually 40% less than the RX5700 There’s additionally half as lots of ROPs, which has actually minimized the memory bus from 256- little bit to 128- little bit broad. This sees memory transmission capacity cut in half to 224 GB/s.

AMD has actually maintained the GDDR6 memory and also you can acquire the 5500 XT with either 4 or 8GB of VRAM. We additionally have a 5500 XT 4GB card accessible and also we’ll give a thorough 4GB vs 8GB contrast quickly, however, for this testimonial our emphasis will certainly get on the 8GB variation.

Getting back to the cores, they’re clocked at 1670 MHz for the base with an increase of 1845 MHz, which indicates they’re clocked 7% more than the5700 However, due to the fact that there are a great deal much less, the TDP has actually been minimized from 180 watts to 150 watts.

The 8GB variation of the 5500 XT can be found in at $200 MSRP and also truthfully that appears a little as well enthusiastic for the equipment specifications. The 4GB design will certainly set you back $170, and also once more that appears like a great deal of cash for a 4GB graphics card in2019 Either method, we’ll examine the rate to efficiency supplied by the 5500 XT in the direction of completion of this testimonial, in the meantime allow’s check out those benchmark numbers.

Our GPU examination system is powered by a Core i9-9900 K clocked at 5 GHz with 16 GB of DDR4-3400 memory. We solely utilized the Gigabyte RX 5500 XT Gaming OC for checking the 5500 XT in this testimonial. We have 12 video games to check out, all evaluated at 1080 p and also 1440 p making use of tool to excellent quality presets or setups.


First up we have Shadow of the Tomb Raider and also with the excellent quality predetermined allowed at 1080 p, the 5500 XT benefited 77 fps generally. Not negative efficiency, yet not excellent, provided the RX 590 was a little faster and also the 1660 Super virtually 20% faster.

Even at 1440 p we see similar and also regardless of the added VRAM, the 5500 XT can not obtain on the 1660 Super.

We see that the 5500 XT does take care of to slip by the RX 590 in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey with approximately 71 fps, making it 4% faster, or a simple 3 fps. The GTX 1660 Super was 11% faster, though the 5500 XT was 8% faster than the GTX 1650 Super.

At 1440 p we see comparable margins, the 5500 XT is still on the same level with the GTX 1660 which additionally places it on the same level with the RX 590 and also GTX 1650 Super, so not a wonderful outcome for AMD’s brand-new $200 offering.

Using the excellent quality predetermined in Red Dead Redemption 2 could have been a blunder with these lower-end GPUs as framework prices are rather reduced, additionally the 3GB 1060 really did not function as the structure setup was too expensive and also you can not bypass memory constraints in this title. So instead of offer the 3GB 1060 a benefit with the tool structure setup, we decided to avoid it for this.

Performance at 1080 p from the 5500 XT is unsatisfactory, it just matched the RX 580 and also GTX 1650 Super.

Things weren’t far better at 1440 p and also making use of the excellent quality setups the video game had not been actually usable, so you’ll require to fall to tool if you wish to dip into this resolution with anything much less than an RX 5700 or RTX 2060.

The 5500 XT supplied a smooth 106 fps balance at 1080 p in World of Tanks, yet that was just adequate to see it placed as a mid-field jogger in our screening, matching the 3GB 1060 and also placing it on the same level with the RX590 Still a rather uninteresting outcome.

The 1440 p outcome for the 5500 XT isn’t far better, right here it’s a portion slower than the RX 590 and also no far better than the more affordable GTX 1650 Super.

Performance in Far Cry New Dawn is normal of what we have actually seen until now, the 5500 XT is a smidgen quicker than the 590 and also ~ 6% faster than the 1650 Super which truthfully is a rather unpleasant outcome provided they intend to bill $200 for this point.

Not a lot various at 1440 p: the 5500 XT and also 590 are neck and also neck while the $230 GTX 1660 Super is well out ahead supplying almost 20% even more efficiency. This isn’t excellent for AMD provided Nvidia is billing simply 15% even more.

Frame prices in Rainbow Six Siege are solid at 1080 p making use of the extremely excellent quality predetermined, one notch below ‘ultra’, though we are by hand cranking the make downsize as much as 100%. The GPU provides excellent efficiency on the whole, though the 5500 XT was still slower than the RX 590 and also not a good deal quicker than the more affordable ($160) GTX 1650 Super.

Much the exact same is seen when screening at 1440 p, the 5500 XT just handles to equal the GTX 1650 Super and also RX 580.

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order efficiency at 1080 p is typical. Here the 5500 XT is slower than the GTX 1650 Super and also the old GTX 1060 6GB. Basically it discovers itself positioned in between the 590 and also 580.

Moving to 1440 p enables the 5500 XT to match the 1650 Super and also 3GB 1060, so not excellent.

Using the excellent quality predetermined at 1080 p in Battlefield V enabled the 5500 XT to standard 83 fps in our examination which regretfully implied it was just able to match the RX 580 and also make 3fps greater than the 1650 Super generally.

The a lot more restricted 4GB VRAM barrier shows up to harm the 1650 Super at 1440 p and also currently the 5500 XT has the ability to supply 13% even more efficiency, with 62 fps generally, yet the Radeon does set you back ~25% even more.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare outcomes are extremely comparable to what we have actually seen until now, the 5500 XT is primarily on the same level with the RX 590 and also GTX 1650Super Even at 1440 p the 5500 XT can not obtain away from the 1650 Super, though it does slide behind the RX 590.

Metro Exodus was evaluated with the extremely high quality predetermined as the 5500 XT and also comparable Nvidia GPUs balanced over 60 fps at 1080 p. The 5500 XT can be found in behind the RX 580 and also it was additionally 10% slower than the 590.

Moving to 1440 p saw the 5500 XT fall to approximately 51 fps which implied it was a couple of frameworks slower than the RX 580, however a minimum of in this title it was a fair bit quicker than the GTX 1650 Super, specifically when considering 1% reduced efficiency.

Here we see that the 5500 XT once more tracks the RX 580, this moment in F1 2019 at 1080 p making use of the excellent quality predetermined. While 121 fps generally is excellent pc gaming efficiency, it’s still much less than you would certainly obtain with the 580, 590, GTX 1660 and also 1660 Super.

The 5500 XT does match the 580 at 1440 p, making it 5-6 fps slower than the 590 and also 11% slower than the GTX 1660 Super.

Last up we have Gears 5 and also right here the 5500 XT has the ability to match the RX 590 with 75 fps generally at 1080 p making use of the excellent quality predetermined.

The 1660 Super is 14% faster and also provided it expenses 15% even more, it resembles AMD has actually simply slotted right into Nvidia’s existing prices plan, instead of take on it.

Power Consumption

Here’s a glimpse at complete system power intake in Gears 5 and also F1 2019, As you can see on the chart listed below, the 5500 XT is a huge enhancement on the RX 580 and also RX 590, minimizing complete system intake by around 30%.

The GTX 1660 Super utilized somewhat much less power yet at this moment it’s a non-issue and also they’re a lot more uniformly matched. Overall power intake is excellent, not incredible for a 7nm GPU, yet it approaches where Nvidia go to today.

Performance Summary

Given the rate, we have actually reached state the 8GB 5500 XT really did not look as well warm in the majority of those standards.

Before we delve into the expense per framework evaluation, allow’s simply check out the typical efficiency throughout the loads video games evaluated at 1080 p and also 1440 p.

On balance the 5500 XT was slower than the RX 590 and also just ~ 3.5% faster than the RX580 Moreover, it was simply 5% faster than the GTX 1650 Super and also 13% slower than the GTX 1660 Super.

Gaming at 1440 p causes the exact same final thought, it’s a hair quicker than the old RX 580 and also somewhat slower than the RX590 Let’s proceed to have a look at the expense per framework information …

Basically the Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB can be found in supplying the exact same degree of worth as the GTX 1660 Super, at $2.27 per framework based upon our 12 video game example. That indicates you’ll be paying a ~ 4% costs per framework over the RX 590 at existing costs. It’s not a negative worth generally, yet originating from various other Navi- based GPU offerings where AMD has actually been hostile and also forged ahead, right here it’s simply slotted in between existing GeFor ce offerings, or even worse.

The 5500 XT can be found in at virtually 20% even more per framework than the GTX 1650 Super, which appears to be extremely boldy valued and also exercises excellent for Nvidia considering that we’re discussing a comparable degree of efficiency total contrasted to the brand-newRadeon Granted, the 8GB 5500 XT loads two times as much VRAM, yet it’s still not an excellent outcome for AMD and also those looking for a budget plan graphics card.

It’s additionally worth keeping in mind that the 8GB 5500 XT sets you back ~14% even more per framework when contrasted to existing 8GB RX 580’s.

Misses the Mark

If you were anticipating AMD to find in and also stir things up you will certainly be dissapointed, as we were. The Radeon RX 5500 XT was never ever implied to blow your socks off from an efficiency viewpoint, yet we do differ with prices. AMD’s made no effort to damage Nvidia, instead they have actually slotted the 5500 XT right into Nvidia’s existing prices framework. In various other words, they have actually shaken as much as the celebration late, and also supplied us absolutely nothing brand-new.

It’s type of insane, they were offering us a 232 mm2 need $200 or much less and also have actually been doing so for over a year currently. We ultimately obtain an upgrade that’s significantly smaller sized at 158 mm2, a 32% smaller sized pass away that provides a comparable degree of efficiency, and also it sets you back equally as much. No question 7nm supply is playing a huge function right here, yet we question a number of you respect that, that’s even more of an AMD issue to resolve.

For a while, AMD has actually been extremely hostile on valuing their mainstream GPUs in order to stay affordable making use of 3 years of age Polaris GPUs. This began with the RX 480 back in June 2016, at $240 for the 8GB design. A year later on it was freshened as the RX 580 at a $10 price cut, and also by late 2018 the exact same GPU was retailing for well under $200

Putting AMD’s very own items apart for a minute, the 5500 XT has a hard time to take on what Nvidia’s currently supplying in the GTX 1650 Super and also 1660Super You can additionally say, Nvidia made all the ideal transfer to safeguard the mainstream sector in advance of AMD’s launch considering that the Super cards are both Q4 launches. Therefore we see no factor to await RX 5500 supply to show up and after that attempt and also quest one down at the MSRP. There are a lot of 1650 Super and also 1660 Super graphics cards costing or extremely close to the MSRP, so we would certainly simply get among those or conversely grab an affordable RX 580.

Power intake of the 5500 XT has been significantly enhanced over the RX 580, yet do players actually respect that? It’s not like you can not conveniently power the 580 or 590 with an affordable 400 watt power supply. Remember the power causes this testimonial were videotaped in our overclocked Core i9-9900 K examination system, so anticipate complete system power use to be significantly reduced with a Core i5 or Ryzen 5 cpu.

So while reduced power intake is absolutely a wonderful reward and also must cause cooler and also quieter graphics cards, we really feel most players seeking to invest $200 or much less on a graphics card, mainly respect rate to efficiency and also right here the 5500 XT provides absolutely nothing brand-new. Ultimately, we’ll need to wait and also see if retail prices steps throughout the coming weeks and also months to make the 5500 XT an extra appealing choice.

Finally, a fast side note concerning AMD’s brand-new Radeon software program includes discovered in the Adrenaline 2020 Edition motorists, they go over and also AMD must be complimented for their job. Adding functions such as Integer Scaling for all Radeon GPUs is excellent and also Radeon Boost looks fascinating, though we question we would certainly utilize it, yet still a wonderful choice to have and also we make certain some players will certainly discover it valuable.

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